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Warning - Equity Investments are Risky
Risk Warning

BlazeFund does not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations; solicit purchases, sales, or offers to buy the securities offered or displayed by the companies on its website or portal; compensate employees, agents, or other persons for such solicitation or based on the sale of securities displayed or referenced on our website/portal. We also do not hold, manage, possess, or otherwise handle investor funds or securities; nor do our directors and officers have a financial interest in any offering.

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Warning - Equity Investments are Risky

How It Works

Prospective investors register on the site as individual investors or institutional investors. Currenty we are working only with accredited investors. They then receive an email and click on a confirmation link to log back in and complete the registration process including answering a detailed questionnaire. At this stage, they qualify themselves as accredited. Once done, BlazeFund reviews the information provided and then provides access to the site to review company offerings. Investors can browse all the details and documents pertaining to the live offerings, communicate to seek any clarification, and directly subscribe to an issue using the portal, at which time they are required to confirm that they have reviewed and read the risk factors and fill in the appropriate subscription agreement before remitting funds to an escrow account. The issuer then reconfirms the status of the subscriber as an accredited investor, and issues shares according to the terms of the offering.

Entrepreneurs register as entrepreneurs to list their companies with an offering. They fill in as much information as have available. Once we review it, we contact them to provide us with any missing details and documentation. At this stage, if the offering is considered a good fit, a due diligence process comprising a review of general corporate materials, financials, assets, intellectual property, organizational structure, agreements, products & services, market, feasibility, and other details is conducted by the registered Broker/Dealer who conducts the securities related activity for the issuer in question. Once the review is done, we turn the offering live for investors to view and participate in. Typically it can take anywhere from 30-45 days to complete the process of listing. We recommend that entrepreneurs use a securities attorney to draft their company offering documents.

The BlazeFund business model and portal design highlights are:

  1. Comprehensive single system connecting the crowd and institutions simultaneously* delivering value through the complete investment cycle, from initial investment to exit
  2. Presentation of quality investment opportunities, based on preferences and access to detailed documentation such as financial projections and valuations
  3. On the path towards providing private equity / venture capital style due diligence by the crowd/analysts*, allowing the crowd to view reviews by prior investors/domain experts, thus helping to reduce investor risk
  4. Two-step investment mechanism* splitting investment exposure of the crowd to half now and half later, making the full commitment dependent on milestone accomplishment
  5. Round 2 investment triggered automatically* upon reaching milestones after notification by company and voting on by Round 1 investors, increasing issuer accountability
  6. Connectivity to a Product Listing  Portal* for purchasing products and services produced by funded companies at preferential discounted pricing (coming soon)
  7. Plans for a built-in dividend policy* for crowd investors with rewards, credits and allowances redeemable against purchases from the Product Listing Portal
  8. Transaction processing platform with security, compliance, and accounting standards of broker-dealer systems
  9. Ability for institutions to review funded companies with complete history

* Patent-pending feature / functionality


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