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Warning - Equity Investments are Risky
Risk Warning

BlazeFund does not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations; solicit purchases, sales, or offers to buy the securities offered or displayed by the companies on its website or portal; compensate employees, agents, or other persons for such solicitation or based on the sale of securities displayed or referenced on our website/portal. We also do not hold, manage, possess, or otherwise handle investor funds or securities; nor do our directors and officers have a financial interest in any offering.

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Warning - Equity Investments are Risky

Joint Ventures

BlazeFund enables global connections including facilitating cross-border joint-ventures for our entrepreneurial and institutional clients via our international affiliations, a first in the crowdfunding industry.

For example, an institutional subscriber or an entrepreneur who we have crowd-funded a deal for, wishes to expand into a developing global economy such as Eastern Europe, the Far East or South America, BlazeFund can help make the right connections, create a joint venture entity in such geography, and even help crowd-fund a deal there (complying with local regulations) so as to create a 3-way funded deal for our clients.  

For US corporate subscribers and entrepreneurs looking to expand their market overseas, please click here to view details of what type of ventures and industries people are looking for – or alternatively, feel free to provide us some details here relating to the specific products that you wish to take to new markets.

For non-US corporate subscribers and entrepreneurs looking to expand their operations via joint ventures either in the US or in other geographic markets, please submit details of the specific products that you wish to take to such markets by providing details here. Our relationships with entrepreneurs and institutions can help us to find you the right joint venture partner efficiently. Not only that, we can even crowd-fund the deal in the local market based on local regulations, and also connect you with the right economic development agency for additional benefits that you might be eligible for.

For more information, please view or download a brochure here.

To learn more about our joint venture services that can help you grow your business and expand into new global markets, please email us at or call 1-617-202-9500.